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Don't Add. Just Subtract.

Don't Add. Just Subtract.

I say this a lot at work. Half joking, half serious, but always a nod to one of my favorite movies, The Birdcage.

Lately, it's also been a theme in my life.

Don't Add. Just Subtract.

I stopped using my social media accounts. I realized that where I am in my life right now, they don't add anything positive. They also take an embarrassing percentage of my time. So...Just subtract.

I also realized that the number of people I thought I was close to and would keep up with me now that I am in a new place is much smaller than I thought. So I have ceased to invest in them. Just subtract.

I'm focused on building a life here with my wife and doubling down on the things closest to me. Family. Relationship. Happiness. Career.

Don't Add.

I'm trying to pare down to the basics. Every day is about waking up, being present, and pouring my life and love into those things that bring me happiness and fulfillment, and having good food/drink, and going to bed. That's it.

Don't Add.

The area that's been difficult to not subtract has been my career. I'm an actor/director/teacher. Because of the timing of my move, I don't have a lot of opportunities to do this for a while. So I've put time and effort into one of my survival skills, in order to pay bills, to get me to the point where I CAN be an actor/director/teacher more full time. The odd thing is when I meet new people, I don't lead with what I am. I've led with what I do. So the big question here is...

Add? Subtract?

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