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Pride is not the word I'm looking for

"Oh Philip, when you smile I am undone My son Look at my son Pride is not the word I'm looking for

There is so much more inside me now Oh Philip, you outshine the morning sun My son When you smile, I fall apart And I thought I was so smart"--Lin Manuel Miranda

I've been feeling a lot of pride lately.

Jed just turned 0ne month old.

I also attended a wedding this past weekend of a good friend.

I felt overwhelmed with pride in a 24 hour period:

Proud of my friends Kevin and Dana for their marriage. Watching them during the service and reception, seeing how much they love each other, how much their families were happy, how supportive their friends were of them.

Proud of my friends Jacob and Sarah for being married-around this time last year, they got married in NY and their reception was one of the coolest, most fun times.

Proud of my friends Andrew and Meredith-they just got married and are turning around and supporting their friends who just recently attended their wedding.

Proud of my friends Raz and Ethan-especially when Raz and I chatted about our commonality of sobriety.

Proud of friends who are having commercial and career success. Proud of friends who are starting the venture into starting families. Proud of friends who are sober. Proud of friends who are battling depression and winning. Proud of family who supports us. Proud of a wife who has been an absolute warrior and amazing mother in just the last month.

I know it's supposed to be a sin, but the pride I've felt this past week has made my heart grow ten sizes.

With so many other feelings bouncing around the psyche these days, it's nice to have an abundance of a positive one to choose from.

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