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Photo by Matt Simpkins Photography

Tenderly: The Rosemary Clooney Musical

While Scott Guthrie as The Doctor is polished and assured, he shines in his character work. From the first transformation--the Irish priest who urges Rosie to seek help--to multiple roles as Rosie's lovers and superstar friends, his acting is resonant, his dancing and singing delightful.



Guthrie also shows off his considerable acting chops portraying famous actors and singers that Ms. Clooney performed with, including Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. Guthrie transitions from character to character so smoothly and impeccably, and he easily embodies each character in each scene and song. Guthrie delivers a flawless believable performance.

-Natasha Ashley,

The Last Five Years


Guthrie plays self-assured writer Jamie with a kind of boyish charm that comes across as endearing. No matter the piece or range, Guthrie was able to make each song seem less staged and more lived, bringing a more relatable story out of the mix. Beyond this, his seemingly impromptu choreography that pops up throughout was pleasant and further illustrated that he was the perfect partner onstage for his fellow actor.

-Ryan Echols, The Daily Oklahoman


Florence Birdwell NYC Masterclass


Mr. Guthrie, who graduated from Oklahoma City in 2001 and returned a few years later for his master’s degree, announced that he was going to sing “It All Fades Away,” also from, alas, “The Bridges of Madison County,” which he introduced as “that illustrious musical.” Mrs. Birdwell rolled her eyes.

It was a stunning performance. “Bravo! Bravo!” Mrs. Birdwell exclaimed, applauding.

-Sarah Lyall, New York Times




Scott Guthrie’s Paul is a particularly strong characterization of this dour, unhappy man with much hidden love to give. His strong baritone is put to good use in such songs as “I’ve Got to Find a Reason,” “Everybody Likes You,” “Her Face,” and “She’s My Love.”

-Victor Gluck,


Les Miserables


"...Guthrie, a heroic singer, was terrific as Enjolras, the fearless fighter on the barricade."

-Channing Gray, Providence Journal


" standouts include Scott Guthrie as Enjolras, the idealistic, fiery leader of the student revolution..."

-Veronica Bruscini,


"Guthrie’s soaring voice was made for show’s anthems, “Red and Black” and “Do You Hear the People Sing?”"

-Kim Kalunian, WPRO News


Legally Blonde


"...a sexy, Irish prize in the form of Kyle, played with strutting aplomb by Scott Guthrie."

-Donna Parrone, St. Louis Public Radio


...and when her dream man (the engaging Scott Guthrie) shows up with a delivery, you just want to cheer them along."

-Judith Newmark, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Bernstein: MASS

"As the Civic Center was cast in darkness, the audience heard a prerecorded track whose competing vocal lines escalated until the Celebrant launched into the aptly titled “A Simple Song.” Scott Guthrie demonstrated a richly nuanced and focused voice that when combined with a powerful stage presence, established his rightful position to lead the proceedings.

As the work progressed, Guthrie shaded his voice to suit the musical moods and employed some fine acting skills to deliver a spectacular performance. He was riveting in “Things Get Broken,” the work's climactic scene in which the Celebrant rebels against the responsibilities he's been given.​"

-Rick Rogers, The Daily Oklahoman


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