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Yes is a good word

Some days the well is dry. Some days you are extra judgey about what you produce. Some days it's work to create.

I am grateful for these days just as much as the days where my fingers are flying at the keyboard, cranking out material.

I am new to this game. Much like I am new to Philly. Being the new kid on the block is a nice ace in the hole. I'm choosing to just say yes to a lot of things now.

Should I crank out a post today, even though I have nothing to say? Yes.

Should I go to a dog park with my family, even if it's during rush hour? Yes.

Should I go to a training session, even though I am already qualified? Yes.

I've spent so long justifying the word NO, that I'm noticing how easy it is to just say YES.

I haven't even been here a month, and already we've created an oasis in our home, I've netted a few survival jobs, and started putting myself out there for the local market for what I eventually want to be my career job. It doesn't happen as fast as I want, but I'm learning that saying YES to things opens me up to more.

I spent a lot of my NY life inside, in my home, in my safe space. I said NO a lot.

Want to come out to Brooklyn and grab a drink? No, I've got work in the morning. Or No, it's too far to go for one drink.

Want to go to the park today? No, it might rain. Or No, I don't want to deal with the trains today.

Want to judge the quality of this blog entry? No, I should just keep writing and get something out there...

Point being, I know what the NO road looks like, I've been down it many, many times. But the road less traveled for me involves YES. So, here's to all of us who are navigating down this scary road. May we lean hard on each other and be willing to throw the map away and just say YES.

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